Baby Locker

Take your goods home today with zipPay!  Now available at

Baby Locker

How does it work?

zipPay allows you to buy now and gives you the time until the end of the following month from your date of purchase to make your payment. At the end of each month you can choose to either: 

Pay off your previous months Statement Balance in full and you’ll avoid paying a $5 service fee.


Need more time to pay? Simply make a payment that suits your budget (a minimum repayment of at least $40 per month required). A single $5 service fee will be added to your account for any month you have an outstanding balance, regardless of how many purchases you make. 

The Limits- zipPay offers 3 different credit limits: $250, $500 and $1000. An algorithm will automatically decide which maximum limit you will be eligible for based on the minimum criteria evaluated during the application process. 

To find more info or to create an account, please visit